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    Express and courier 66 KB - 11.09.2013

    Swiss-Express «Moon» consignments are delivered the following work day
    by 9 am, including Saturdays. ... Prices Swiss-Express «Moon». ...

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     Private customers Swiss-Courier Turbo, Rapid and Standard 56 KB

    Page 1. Private customers Swiss-Courier “Turbo”, “Rapid” and “Standard”
    The fastest possible service from door to door ... The solution: Swiss-Courier ...

  • Private customers

     Mailing Swiss-Express and parcel items 141 KB

    Page 1. Fact Sheet Mailing Swiss-Express and parcel items 04 / 2014 Private
    customers Mailing Swiss-Express and parcel items ...

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    Swiss-Courier Order 29 KB - 03.01.2013

    Additional Content. «Login Swiss Post». Swiss-Courier Order. Start of
    page; Publish this page on your Twitter profile; Publish ...

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     "Login Swiss Post" registration 779 KB

    «Login Swiss Post» registration Step-by-step instructions for registering a new
    «Login Swiss ... Instructions: «Login Swiss Post» registration 03/2012 ...

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    Express and courier 57 KB - 11.09.2013

    All information on sending with Swiss-Express Moon and Swiss-Courier
    Blitz . ... window. Price of letters Swiss-Express "Moon". ...

  • Private customers

    Sending mail 54 KB - 11.09.2013

    Additional Content. «Login Swiss Post». ... FrankingTake advantage of Swiss
    Post's different franking options – easy, quick and around the clock. ...

  • Private customers

    Domestic Parcels 63 KB - 06.02.2014

    ... Swiss-Express "Moon". Posted in the evening, delivered by 9 am on the
    followingworking day (Monday to Saturday). ... Swiss-Courier "Lightning". ...

  • Private customers

    A Mail 56 KB - 20.12.2013

    Additional Content. «Login Swiss Post». Calculate prices. ... In addition, Swiss
    Post guarantees a limited liability in the case of loss or damage. ...

  • Private customers

    Export: Customs/VAT 77 KB - 21.11.2014

    Additional Content. «Login Swiss Post». Calculate prices. ... In the event of loss
    or theft, Swiss Post International does not accept any liability. ...

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