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  •  Ordering barcodes/shipping labels; Instructions 3 MB

    ... The “pro clima” surcharge is paid automatically as specified in your
    contract with Swiss Post. All domestic letters will be ...

  •  2010-131 Consignment tracking of pallets 1 MB

    ... and bulk containers The preparation of pallets or bulk containers (BC) must
    be carried out in accordance with the latest Swiss Post numbering plan. ...

  •  My Post Business 1 MB

    ... A single, central means of accessing a variety of Swiss Post functions/services. ...
    In-house administrators can only be entered by Swiss Post. ...

  •  Letter franking assistant 1 MB

    ... additional services. Subsequently, print out the letter, put it into a window
    envelope and hand it to Swiss Post. Ready. Your ...

  •  Consignment tracking 250 KB

    Page 1. Consignment tracking List of countries with Track & Trace
    in Export Use “Track & Trace” to monitor the location ...

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