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    Swiss Post Ltd 33 KB - 07.09.2012

    ... Postal agencies: Swiss Post at partners. Postal agencies meet the "Swiss
    Post at partners" principle. Swiss Post works with ...

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     The new postal legislation 159 KB

    ... The new postal legislation A good basis for the future Parliament
    approved the new postal legislation in December 2010. ...

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     Ordinance for the new Postal Act 472 KB

    ... Post and Politics Ordinance for the new Postal Act ... In January 2012, the Federal
    Council submitted the draft ordinance for the new Postal Act. ...

  • Swiss attitudes towards the forthcoming revision of postal ... 33 KB - 10.08.2009

    Swiss attitudes towards the forthcoming revision of postal legislation. ... But what
    does the Swiss public think about public postal service? ...

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    Swiss Post Ltd 34 KB - 20.11.2009

    Additional Content. The Swiss appreciate postal carriers' services. back. Press
    release dated 20.11.2009. ... Postal carriers scored particularly well. ...

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    Swiss Post Ltd 27 KB - 20.09.2000

    Additional Content. Disruptions in international postal traffic. ... Disruption of
    international postal traffic - letters, parcels and courier services. ...

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    Swiss Post ... 30 KB - 20.05.2009

    Additional Content. A balanced scenario for the Swiss postal market. back. ...
    accordingly. Fair terms of employment in the postal sector. ...

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     Post and Politics: New postal legislation, A balanced bill for ... 217 KB

    ... Post and Politics Edition: Summer 2009 New postal legislation A balanced
    bill for the further development of the Swiss postal market Background ...

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    Postal legislation - Improvements needed 30 KB - 22.10.2008

    Postal legislation - Improvements needed. ... The parameters decided today by
    the Federal Council for the new postal legislation must be improved. ...

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    The Swiss are satisfied with their postal ... 30 KB - 07.11.2008

    Additional Content. The Swiss are satisfied with their postal carriers. back.
    Press release dated 07.11.2008. ... New job profile for postal carriers. ...

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