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    Swiss Post Ltd 30 KB - 11.11.2010

    ... beesmart is an Internet platform which encourages users to work productively
    with PCs and the Internet via a series of free online training modules. ...

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    Customers choose climate protection project for Swiss Post ... 30 KB - 29.01.2010

    ... environmental project in 2009. This was decided by 61% of 2691 Swiss
    Post customers in an online vote. Swiss Post customers ...

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    Swiss ... 30 KB - 08.07.2010

    ... 25. From then on, your Swiss Post Box can be activated and deactivated
    online as required with very little effort. Thanks ...

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    Swiss Post 36 KB - 29.04.2014

    ... on their purchase decisions. Recommendations are popular online
    with the help of Tell-a-Friend functions. Thanks to the ...

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    Swiss Post introduces free-of-charge single authorization ... 31 KB - 06.09.2013

    ... The single authorization can be sourced from the "Login Swiss Post" online
    service. ... These services will shortly also be available to order online. ...

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    Swiss Post Box 58 KB - 11.09.2013

    ... If you set up an online Swiss Post Box forwarding order for an unlimited period
    of time (“until revoked”) by the end of December using your Login ...

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    Swiss Post Ltd 33 KB - 02.07.2010

    ... With online services for private and business customers and the digitization
    of documents and their integration into electronic business processes ...

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    Swiss Post 41 KB - 31.05.2012

    ... Exception: You can also create the DirectResponse Card Light yourself
    with the PostCard Creator online tool. Labelling. ...

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    Information on Swiss-Express Moon for court documents ... 37 KB - 13.06.2012

    ... After successful delivery, we will transfer the confirmation of receipt to you
    physically (court documents) or electronically (online court documents). ...

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    Swiss Post 36 KB - 17.12.2012

    ... Basic conditions. The delivery instructions can be used for registered
    (R) mail and old, new and online court documents (GU). ...

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