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    Improving digital skills 31 KB - 11.11.2010

    ... beesmart is an Internet platform which encourages users to work productively
    with PCs and the Internet via a series of free online training modules. ...

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    Three Christmas traditions on new stamps 30 KB - 13.11.2007

    ... condolence. It is for this reason that they will also be on sale for longer,
    such as at Stamps & Philately or online in the Philashop. ...

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    Price adjustments: Pre-franking parcels should pay off in the ... 31 KB - 03.02.2009

    ... However, if these parcels are franked in advance via the WebStamp online
    service and handed over for mailing at the post office counter, senders ...

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    Letter post: redirected to e-mail during your holidays 31 KB - 08.07.2010

    ... 25. From then on, your Swiss Post Box can be activated and deactivated
    online as required with very little effort. Thanks ...

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    PostBus expands services on tourist routes 31 KB - 28.05.2010

    ... Leisure ideas online. ... Beginning in mid-June 2010, PostBus will offer an
    online price calculation function for the Alpine Ticket. ...

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    Swiss Post in your pocket 34 KB - 02.07.2010

    ... With online services for private and business customers and the digitization
    of documents and their integration into electronic business processes ...

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    "pro clima mailing": compensation project for Swiss Post ... 29 KB - 16.01.2012

    ... Customers can now take part in an online vote to determine in which
    international Gold Standard climate protection project Swiss Post will invest ...

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    Our advertising 30 KB - 21.02.2014

    ... Did you know that Swiss Post also develops e-shops? Or that your returned
    items from online purchases can be collected from your home? ...

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    Swiss Post reaches agreement with price regulator 32 KB - 21.01.2014

    ... 1 April 2014. The cost of setting up a permanent authorization online
    remains unchanged at 24 francs. Each household ...

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    Send free postcards from your mobile phone 29 KB - 20.03.2014

    ... You can use this online tool to design paid addressed postcard mailings, gift
    cards, invitation cards or flyers in a range of different shapes and sizes ...

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