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    Additional services and tools 38 KB - 30.03.2012

    ... holiday times. You can obtain the International HolidayCalendar in
    printed form free of charge or access it online. Click ...

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    Collection 32 KB - 20.06.2012

    ... Your customer advisor will be happy to inform you about the benefits of this
    additional service. Order online now. You can order collections online. ...

  • Business customers

    Specialist DM knowledge 32 KB - 22.01.2014

    ... successful direct marketing. The online DM centre of excellence,
    DirectPoint, plays a key role here. Extensive specialist ...

  • Business customers

    Referral card 35 KB - 28.06.2013

    ... on their purchase decisions. Recommendations are popular online
    with the help of Tell-a-Friend functions. Thanks to the ...

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    User market 36 KB - 14.01.2013

    ... points of sale; Online marketing: Press Shop International online platform
    for subscription sales; Reader service: processing ...

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    Information on Swiss-Express Moon for court ... 36 KB - 13.06.2012

    ... After successful delivery, we will transfer the confirmation of receipt to you
    physically (court documents) or electronically (online court documents). ...

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    Payment Cards & Couponing 32 KB - 03.10.2012

    ... programmes. Payment cards: Concept and operation of giftcard
    programmes (via checkout, payment terminal or online); ...

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    Conditions for delivery instructions 35 KB - 17.12.2012

    ... Basic conditions. The delivery instructions can be used for registered
    (R) mail and old, new and online court documents (GU). ...

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    Conditions for court documents 33 KB - 18.03.2014

    ... It is not possible to deliver court documents to poste restante addresses or
    to addresses outside Switzerland. Processing online court documents. ...

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    Direct marketing service 33 KB - 03.09.2012

    ... for you. The range of services includes the creation, planning and
    implementation of print and online measures. Would ...

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