The P.O. box

First address for early delivery

When your P.O. box is your first address, A Mail items can be delivered to the box even before counters open in many areas.

Our P.O. box service involves a free basic offer as well as additional payable services. In our Basic P.O. Box Offer, the P.O. box replaces deliveries to the company domicile. Express and parcel consignments addressed to the company domicile are an exception to this rule.

 Open and organize your P.O. box online at «Login Swiss Post»

 Information for business customers regarding the power of «attorney service»


Service Brief description Price at the counterr Price via the Internet
Basic P.O. Box Offer P.O. box in delivery area of the local mail delivery service and as an alternative to your house letterbox CHF 12.00 Free of charge
P.O. Box Extra P.O. box anywhere in Switzerland and as an additional place of delivery to your house letterbox The first 3 months
cost CHF 147.00
The next 3 months
cost CHF CHF 135.00
The first 3 months
cost CHF 135.00
The next 3 months
cost CHF 135.00

All prices include VAT