Conducted tours – letter processing at its most modern, in close-up

A glimpse behind the scenes at our letter centres

Would you be interested in touring one of our letter centres? You're welcome to look over our shoulder in Eclépens, Härkingen and Zurich-Mülligen.

Have you always been curious to know how it is that many millions of letters arrive punctually and at the right address every day? Or how a letter gets from Ascona to Zermatt overnight? As well as background information, a conducted tour of one of our letter centres will give you the opportunity to experience the latest letter-processing technology in close-up.

What's involved

Our conducted tours are free, and they last around two hours. One hour is spent touring the centre on foot.

Group size

Groups must consist of 10 persons or more.  

Minimum age

The minimum age to take part in our conducted tours is ten years.


For further information and application details, contact one of the letter centres listed below.