pro clima – Shipment: Domestic letters are 100% carbon neutral

Climate protection projects

"pro clima" - Shipment: throughout Switzerland and abroad

Swiss Post offsets carbon emissions from its "pro clima" shipments: Only climate protection projects satisfying the highest quality requirements are supported – in Switzerland and abroad. For international projects, Swiss Post calls for the "Gold Standard". This quality label guarantees verifiable carbon reductions and the support of sustainable development in the project regions. It also confirms that these projects could not be realized without additional financing from the sale of carbon certificates. Swiss Post buys certificates attesting that the carbon emissions from "pro clima" consignments are offset in these projects.

Winner of the online vote in 2014 for the international climate protection project

"Pro clima" customers and Swiss Post employees voted for an international Gold Standard climate protection project in an online vote held between 18 and 26 February 2014. The "pro clima" surcharges will be invested in the winning project in future. The "household-scale biodigesters, Cambodia" project won with 51% of the votes. With 49% of the votes, the "energy-efficient cooking stoves, Ghana" project will not receive the surcharge.

Our Swiss climate protection project: green power from the farmyard

Swiss Post is also continuing to support the "green power from the farmyard" project in Switzerland, as it has done since 2011. This project was the first to satisfy the strict regulations stipulated by the Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU) for domestic offsetting projects. The extremely harmful greenhouse gas, methane, is captured in biodigesters on farms in Switzerland and turned into green power and heat.

Expert jury

An independent jury of experts advises Swiss Post in its selection of climate protection projects:

  • Alexander Barkawi, President of the oikos Foundation for Economy and Ecology
  • Volker Hoffmann, Professor for Sustainability and Technology (SusTec) in the Department of Management, Technology and Economics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
  • Sara Stalder, Director of the Consumer Protection Foundation (SKS)
  • Andreas Tschöpe, Director of the National Youth Council of Switzerland (SAJV)
  • Thomas Vellacott, CEO of WWF Switzerland

Summary of climate protection projects

Since introducing carbon neutral shipping methods in 2009, Swiss Post has been offsetting its annual carbon emissions from "pro clima" shipments in the following climate protection projects: