Prepaid Cards
Secure and high quality – made in Germany.

Prepaid Cards

Secure and high quality – made in Germany.

We offer you flexible, economic and, especially, forgery-proof prepaid card systems enabling you to minimize your business risk. We have a worldwide presence and can offer you country-specific solutions.

Prepaid cards, also referred to as voucher cards, are similar to cash. They enable the use of a service without a contract, limited to the amount stored on the card. In order to meet these conditions, they are manufactured to the maximum security level, TU 4®, in accordance with VDS level 5, the standard for money storage and production.

Swiss Post Solutions is a certified manufacturer of prepaid and voucher cards as well as payphone cards. As an international partner, we offer you comprehensive processing and security features:

  • Manufacture of prepaid cards and single and multi-PIN cards using thermal transfer processes and inkjet inscription for hotstamp processes
  • PIN security features, e.g. scratch cards, flexography, security labels
  • Use of x-ray colours and holograms to protect cards from misuse or manipulation
  • Ultrasonic sealing before shipment including additional security packaging
  • Use of certified national and international security transportation

Prepaid cards are highly suitable for adaption to other dialogue activities, such as merchandising and competitions.

Place your trust in us as a flexible and reliable prepaid card manufacturer for maximum security and quality.