Store and Loyalty Cards

Store cards & loyalty cards

Increase your customer loyalty.

Generate important customer information with the store card solutions from Swiss Post Solutions and turn occasional customers into loyal regulars. You can also increase your turnover with existing customers through specific incentives.

We will take over the entire rollout of store cards with or without payment function:

  • Development of a customized store card concept
  • Production of laminated hard plastic cards (PVC, ABS, PET), cards with high-gloss UV finish, monocards, thin plastic cards or board cards
  • Personalization and encoding of magnetic strips, storage and processor chips, holograms, embossing and signature strips
  • Creative paper management for high-quality packaging and trouble-free shipment of store cards

We will also handle the up- and downstream services such as the set-up of store card systems, billing & payment and database management. On request we will deliver within 10 hours – thanks to flexible implementation and variable service level agreements.

The high processing quality and level of individualization will win customers over to your brand.

Strengthen your customer relationships with an effective and customized store card system from Swiss Post Solutions.