Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Value & Credit Cards

Intensify your business relationships.

Quality, security and reliability play a key role in the manufacture of value and credit cards. Our value and credit cards are produced in accordance with strict Visa and MasterCard EMV guidelines and are certified to PCI standards for guaranteed security at all process levels.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of products and services and offer you secure payment solutions from one source:

  • Production of bank, credit and debit cards that conform to strict security standards
  • Card personalization through thermal transfer, infillers, embossing or laser engraving.
  • Chip initialization and encoding of magnetic strips
  • Production of high-quality card holders (mailings and packaging solutions)
  • Creative fulfillment and lettershop services
  • Web tool for individual layout of the customer's motif on the card
  • Web-based monitoring and reporting tool for real-time monitoring

Your bank and credit cards will be unique, thanks to top-quality processing and individualization. You will be able to verifiably increase your customers' identification with the card and their use of it.

Swiss Post Solutions is one of the leading providers of payment, value and credit cards and fleet cards. Our customers include banks and credit organizations. We guarantee flexible processes, regardless of the print run, under the most stringent security precautions.

Use the innovative value and credit card solutions as an important customer retention tool and benefit from our high production and logistics competency for worldwide shipment.