Additional services

Additional services to meet specific requirements

Swiss Post addresses the specific requirements of business customers through additional services. In the case of letters, these can be used in combination with the A and B Mail standard products.

With certain letters it is particularly important to be sure that they are actually delivered. This requirement is satisfied through confirmation or personal delivery to the designated recipient. In the case of content which is subject to a fee, immediate payment collection is also possible.

  •  Acknowledgement of receipt
    When you send a registered letter with an acknowledgment of delivery slip, you receive written confirmation of when and to whom the item was delivered.
  •  Personal
    If the item you are sending needs to be delivered to a specific individual, you can send it as a personal delivery item.
  •  Cash on delivery
    Collection on delivery for COD solutions.
  •  Delivery instructions
    Second delivery attempt for registered (R) mail and court documents.