Undeliverable items

Handling of returns

Items with incorrect or incomplete addresses or which the recipient has declined to accept are deemed to be undeliverable. Swiss Post sends undeliverable items back to the originator and can assist you with your returns management.

Returns should entail the least possible inconvenience to you. Swiss Post will also make every endeavour to deliver items to the correct address even where the address details are incorrect or incomplete. For A and B Mail individual items, it performs address enquiries.

  • Items are delivered if a very similar address can be found (A and B Mail individual items)
  • Items are returned if several similar addresses are found (A and B Mail individual items)
  • B Mail bulk mailings are returned without address enquiry
  • Where the recipient declines to accept the item, it is returned (applies generally)
  • If the originator's identity cannot be determined, the undeliverable items are opened
  • Data Matrix code returns: redirection and disposal
  • Returns with Data Matrix code are returned in electronic form
  • Returns without Data Matrix code are sent back to the originator